Saat di Rumah Anak dan Mantu, Mereka Menyuruhku Membawa Pulang "Kue Sisa"! Siapa Sangka Saat Membukanya di Rumah, Aku Langsung Banjir Air Mata!

Bookmark Pedia – Kue sisa? Tentu, siapa saja yang akan mendapatkannya merasa seperti di remehkan. Apalagi yang diberi adalah Orang Tua, maka hal semacam ini tidak etis. Namun, anak satu ini ada maksud tersendiri untuk memberi kue sisa terhadap orang tuanya. Begini kisahnya how much typing movers.

Aku memiliki 2 orang anak, satu laki-laki dan satu lagi perempuan. Anak laki-lakiku belum menikah, tapi anak perempuanku sudah menikah. Dia dan suaminya dikenalkan melalui perjodohan teman-teman di desa ini.

Merawat 2 orang anak sendirian bukanlah hal yang mudah, aku harus bekerja dan menabung demi keberlangsungan hidup kami.

Aku mengumpulkan uang dan membangunkan sebuah rumah untuk anak laki-lakiku, untungnya anak perempuanku pengertian dan tidak marah, dia juga berpikir kelak saat menikah dia akan tinggal bersama suaminya.

Setelah menikah, anak perempuanku dan suaminya sibuk bekerja. Mereka tidak ada waktu untuk mengurus kebun, jadi akulah yang menanam dan mengurus kebun mereka. Sekalian aku juga membuatkan makanan untuk makan malam mereka.

Suatu hari saat aku datang ke rumah mereka, ternyata besan perempuanku sedang merayakan ulang tahun. Mereka memesan begitu banyak makanan dan sebuah kue ulang tahun. Tadinya aku tidak enak hati dan ingin pulang saja, tapi menantuku menyuruhku untuk bergabung dan menikmati hidangan yang sudah tersedia.

Mau tidak mau aku ikut merayakan acara ulang tahun besanku. Aku melihat kalau menantuku adalah orang yang baik dan pengertian, aku merasa sangat bersyukur anak perempuanku menikah dengannya.

Saat aku mau pulang, menantuku menyuruhku untuk membawa sisa makanan dan kue ulang tahun pulang ke rumah, sekalian untuk anak laki-lakiku. Sejujurnya aku merasa tidak enak hati, namun menantuku dan anak perempuanku memaksaku untuk membawanya pulang ke rumah, jadi aku terima saja karena mereka sudah membantuku membungkuskannya.

Sesampainya di rumah, aku segera membuka makanan tersebut dan hendak menyimpannya ke dalam kulkas. Ketika aku membukanya, aku menyadari ada sebuah amplop kecil dan ketika aku membuka amplop tersebut ternyata isinya adalah uang.

Aku benar-benar terkejut! Selain ada uang, di dalam amplop itu juga ada secarik surat yang bertuliskan: "Bu, ini uang untuk ibu. Kami tahu ibu sedang membutuhkan uang, apalagi sedang membangun rumah untuk kakak. Kami sengaja menyimpan uang ini disini karena kalau kami memberikannya langsung pasti ibu akan menolaknya. Memang jumlah uang ini tidak seberapa, tapi semoga bisa membantu meringankan beban ibu. Kami sayang ibu."

Selesai membaca surat ini aku langsung menangis. Bukan jumlah uang yang aku lihat, tapi bentuk kepedulian mereka terhadap keluarga membuatku sangat bersyukur atas hidup ini.

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Consumers put a lot of faith in professional movers, which is why good ones are as prized as a competent and fair mechanic. As a customer, you are entrusting all of your possessions, prized and otherwise, to people you may not even have been introduced to before they started taking your stuff and loading it into a truck. Tipping Movers Although movers are considered part of the service trade, there is usually a lot more riding on their job performance than, say, a waitress or someone who cuts your hair. If the waitress drops your rye toast, she can quickly get you a new order and, hey, your hair will grow out. If a mover, however, does a poor job packing, drops your family heirloom or drags your furniture across the wood floor, there is a lot more at stake. Besides, there are few people in the service industry that work as hard as movers. Perhaps because consumers rely so much on a mover doing a good job that they don’t consider them as a service professional. But they are and proper etiquette requires that they be treated as such. This means it is proper to offer a tip, whether it is cash at the end of the day or you buying the crew lunch or even both. How Much Do You Tip Movers? As with any other service provider, you would base your “tip” on job performance – a bad attitude and indifferent work habits would hardly be considered tip worthy. If, however, you think your crew was attentive, helpful and professional, then give what you believe is fair. Movers usually don’t expect a tip but is appreciated when given. More than anything, it’s a sign that you recognized their effort and thought it worthy. You may think you’re paying a small fortune to the moving company, but what trickles down to the guys actually lugging your stuff won’t have them driving home in a Beamer. Treat your movers Moving is a stressful life event overloaded with thousands of small details that need attention. One of those is how to treat the crew moving your life’s belongings, so here’s a quick reference that should keep the guys happy and moving: Moving is hard, back-breaking work so it would only be common decency to have cold bottled water, soda or sport drinks on hand. Some people prefer to buy the crew lunch in lieu of a tip and this is perfectly fine. Some do both. It’s whatever you are comfortable with. If you do offer to buy the crew lunch, make sure to ask if they have a preference as to food choice. Many people think, “Oh, we’ll get some pizza,” so you can imagine how much pizza these guys might have had that month. You will hear varying advice on how much to tip. Percentages don’t really work as they do in restaurant work. The difference between a $2,000 full-truck move and a $20,000 full-truck move is likely the distance the moving van travels, not how much time it took to load the vehicle. Basically, if it’s a half-day (4 hours) move, $10 per person is considered appropriate. If it’s a full-day move (8 hours), then $20 is the consensus. If you have a lot of heavy furniture, narrow or winding stairs, a steep lot, etc., you should consider adding to the amount. If the crew works 12 hours to get your belongings packed, figure $40 as fair. A tip about tips from movers themselves: Don’t give the lump sum to the foreman or driver. Give each worker their tip. First, it shows that you recognize and appreciate their individual efforts. Second, there are some unscrupulous foremen, who will keep the entire amount for themselves. Avoid giving the guys beer at the end of the day. It’s a bit stereotypical and most legitimate moving companies have rules against drinking on the job. It also opens liability issues. Make the tip cash and the movers can spend it how they wish.

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